Slow writing? What are the causes?

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Does your child or some of your pupils never finish their work or write too slowly? Do you have to lighten the writing load? Are you unable to write down all your lessons? Do you write very well, but it takes too much time? A better understanding of the causes of writing difficulties allows us to find solutions to remedy them and thus improve your writing. For every problem there is a solution. Here are the most frequent causes that I encounter.

The first cause that  regularly occurs is a bad pencil grip. Indeed, the latter affects the mobility of the fingers and often leads to tension. Improving pencil holding can be worked on from the first session and can solve many difficulties (slow writing among others).

An undetected vision problem can prevent one from seeing the lines well, but also the letters. The gesture is then slowed down. If in doubt, we will suggest that you meet with a eyesight professional before starting a rehabilitation.

We also see that non-automated gestures can lead to slowness. Thinking about the formation of letters while writing slows down the gesture and prevents any fluidity. During rehabilitation sessions, we often see people who write very well but very slowly. The 5 E method proposes daily exercises that will improve automation of the gesture.

It is the same for too many pencil lifts: they slow down the writing. The 5E grapho pedagogues propose a progressive handwriting (re-)education that takes this into account.

Lastly, a bad copying strategy will slow down your handwriting drastically. Copying can be learned and it is important to give meaning to what you copy. You’d be surprised how many children copy word by word, without saying letter by letter, and sometimes can’t explain what they copied. Sometimes all it takes is a few explanations to double the writing speed !

Do you want to improve your or your child’s writing speed ? It is possible whatever your age. So come and talk about it at the graphopedagogy office Ecriture sans frontières

To learn more, my colleague Nathalie Madelaine,  graphopedagogue, details and brings other answers in her article that you can read here.

Christine Groot –

Handwriting rehabilitation Houston, United States.